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Swimming like a dolphin in the oceans of Thailand

Now the Flyboard already reached Thailand. And we will offer you this unique equipment for a low price.
To connect the Flyboard with the Jet Ski you will need an adapter, which you also can purchase from us. You just need to know what kind of Jet Ski you want to connect with the Flyboard.

We will have both kinds of Flyboards in stock:
The recommended one, which you can handle only with two persons. One person is sitting on the jet ski and accelerate and the other person is flying.

Or the single version with remote control, which is fixed with your jet ski, that you can fly and accelerate at the same time.

You can visit us at our shop at Hua Hin beach or Cha-Am beach and see the Flyboard in action. We also offer you training flights to find out, if you like the Flyboard. But we are sure, that you will LOVE it!

Also for the Flyboard we ask for a little patience until we have established our shop.

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