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Our Jet Ski online Shop with many kinds of models

Due to the close distance to China and due to the 0% import tax on Jet Skis from China we can offer you different Jet Ski models for a very low price.
We only work together with long-established companies, which also make exibitions at international fairs.

You will find good and cheap Jet Ski, starting from about 100 HP up to models with much more then 200 HP.

For using the jet ski in combination with the water jet pack or the flyboard we recommend you jet skis with more then 150 HP. If the engine does not have enough horse power, it must run on a high number of revolutions, what decreases the durability of your jet ski.

Our Shop will be located in the area of Hua Hin, Cha-Am in Thailand.
So you are welcome to visit us or we can send you the jetski also by truck anywhere in Thailand.

In the next weeks you will find a huge range of brand new Jet Ski!

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