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The two in one solution Jet Pack and Jet Ski

The water Jet Pack is working like the regular Jet Pack which you know from some shows or James Bond movies, but: it works on the water!
So you can swim with it or fly like a bird!

We will offer you two kinds of Water Jet Packs, one is a complete set with an engine boat like a jet ski. This model makes it possible to handle the machines alone.
The other model is the single Water Jet Pack, without Jet Ski. You can connect the hose at any Jet Ski with an adapter.
This second model is much cheaper but you will need two people to handle it.
One is flying and the other must sit on the Jet Ski and accelerate to control the flight.

The water jet pack is usable in salt water and in freshwater.

This Water Jet Pack we can deliver anywhere in Thailand or we can post it anywhere in the world.

Also for the Water Jet Pack we we ask for patience until we will establish our huge jet ski shop.

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